Abandoned Hotel In Northern Italy (San Pellegrino) (Photos)

We present to you, the abandoned hotel in Northern Italy, San Pellegrino, an architectural masterpiece that sits atop a picturesque hill with stunning panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. Once a grandiose luxury hotel, it now stands in eerie silence, as if frozen in time, a forgotten relic of a bygone era.

History The abandoned hotel, opened in 1901, was a popular destination for high society and aristocrats, drawn to its luxurious amenities and stunning vistas. It was one of the most significant hotels of the early 20th century and was renowned for its lavishness and grandeur. However, it was forced to close down in 1979 due to economic downturns.

Architecture The abandoned hotel is a testament to the architecture of the early 20th century. The hotel was designed by architect Romolo Squadrelli and built in an Art Nouveau style. The structure was inspired by the grandiose and eclectic style of the Belle Epoque, which was prevalent at the time. The hotel features intricate details, stunning mosaics, stained glass windows, and grand staircases that lead to a large lobby.

Interior The interior of the abandoned hotel is a sight to behold. The lobby is adorned with magnificent frescoes and intricate mosaic floors. The grand staircase leads to a mezzanine level, which boasts a large balcony overlooking the lobby. The guest rooms were spacious and elegant, with high ceilings, large windows, and balconies that offered breathtaking views of the surrounding area. The hotel also had a luxurious spa, which was renowned for its thermal baths.

Present Condition Unfortunately, the hotel has been abandoned for over 40 years, and nature has begun to reclaim it. The walls are covered in vines and moss, and the once-luxurious furnishings have been reduced to rubble. Despite its current state, the hotel remains an impressive architectural feat, and its beauty is still evident.

Conclusion In conclusion, the abandoned hotel in Northern Italy, San Pellegrino, is a remarkable architectural masterpiece that stands the test of time. It has a rich history, intricate architecture, and a luxurious interior that are still impressive to this day. Despite its current state of abandonment, it remains a stunning landmark that is worth exploring.

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