Abandoned Expo 92 in Seville

Expo 1992 is a defunct world fair exhibition in Seville, Spain. It ran from Monday, April 20, 1992 to Monday, October 12, 1992, and 41 million people visited throughout its six-month run. Expo’92 was held to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ discovery of the Americas. It was themed “The Age of Exploration,” and its purpose was to promote the city and increase tourism, as well as to showcase the city’s industrial and cultural legacy.

While several of the pavilions were removed after the fair, others were permitted to deteriorate over time. Several facilities in Seville still stand, accumulating dust, weeds, and rust.

Nowadays, the property is divided into two parts: Cartuja 93, a research and development park, and Isla Mágica, a theme park that includes the iconic Pavilion of Spain. The Canadian Pavilion was provided by the Canadian government to help fund the construction of a new trade school.

With the passage of time, there are still abandoned pavilions in Seville waiting to be put to use; nonetheless, there are still hidden corners of what was once this great event in this section of the city. Some abandoned places are blocked off by construction barriers, indicating that the sluggish march of progress only pauses for a short period of time and does not stop permanently.

Expo 92 in Seville is a large complex, and you could easily spend an entire day exploring the pavilion ruins. Yet, the vast majority of Cartuja cannot be considered dead or abandoned. The Navigation Pavilion serves as a museum of navigation, and its surrounds have seen significant urban changes in recent years.

The Italy Pavilion has withstood the test of time the best. It had a circular cinema that looked like a terrestrial globe and could arouse the senses. There was also a satellite that moved from one end of the pavilion to the other.

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