Abandoned 1894 Carleton Villa Getting New Life After Selling for $300K

Located in Cape Vincent, New York, in the United States: 13618 Carleton Island Lot 1
Carleton Villa has been sold for the price of $300,000, despite the fact that it had been abandoned for over seventy years and had been on the market for several years. It is possible that this information will come as a shock to you, but the new buyer, Ronald Clapp, who is an investor in real estate in Florida, has plans to restore the old home back to life! According to NNY360, Clapp has aspirations of transforming the building into a bed and breakfast establishment.

William Miller, an architect, created Carleton Villa in 1894 for William O. Wyckoff, who gained his money by assisting the Remington Arms Company in developing a market for the typewriter. Miller’s client was William O. Wyckoff. The opulent estate was at first conceived of as a place to spend the summer as a residence as well as a venue for hosting lavish gatherings. This property, formerly the most opulent home in the Thousand Islands, may be found on Carleton Island, which is situated at the point where Lake Ontario meets the St. Lawrence River. According to reports, Wyckoff’s wife passed away from a heart attack a month before he moved into the mansion, and on the very first night he spent there, he passed away from a heart attack while he was sleeping there.

Following Wyckoff Srpassing, .’s the Villa was purchased by Clarence Wyckoff, the eldest of Wyckoff’s three sons. Because of the Great Depression, the family was forced to sell their home, and General Electric bought it with the intention of tearing it down and using the land for the construction of both a retreat and a new plant. They made the items from the villa available to anybody was interested in salvaging them.

A significant number of the windows, including those made of stained glass, were removed, and an entire floor of a bedroom was demolished from the service wing. In addition to that, the marble coating that covered the tower base was peeled off and removed. The outbreak of World War II brought an end to all demolition efforts, and General Electric left the property in its previous state after the war was over. After it became apparent that the big tower posed a threat, it was eventually brought down. Listing details: This Carleton Island villa sits on 6.9 acres and has three different waterfront access points: 198 feet directly in front of the villa, 287 feet along North Bay, and 330 feet along South Bay.

Barry Kukowski, Howard Hanna Clayton

Over seven decades have passed since the house was last inhabited. It has a stone base, and the upper stories, which are supported by wood frames, have deteriorated. Despite the fact that there is no connection to the Villa’s utilities, the Island does have access to both water and power that is drawn from the river. The Villa was built somewhere around the year 1895 and remained in use somewhere around the year 1927.

Barry Kukowski, Howard Hanna Clayton

Around the time of the World War, contractors were given permission to enter the villa and remove the interior as well as the doors and windows, exposing it to the outside elements. Carleton Island had an asking price of $375,000 with Barry Kukowski of Howard Hanna Clayton as the listing agent. Discover more about what is ahead for Carleton Villa right here!

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