A Story Of Tragedy And Loss: I Explored An Abandoned House Belonging To A Family That Got In A Car Accident In The 1980s (20 Pics)

This is a tragic tale, but I felt it was necessary to tell it. These photographs were taken on an abandoned farm in France. The family who resided here was involved in a tragic vehicle accident in the 1980s that killed everyone save the mother. The disaster killed her spouse and two small children.

The mother’s grief was great, and she remained alone in this enormous mansion for years. She scrawled ideas and poems on the walls all throughout the house. “Here, I don’t feel loneliness: who knows?” says one such statement in French. Maybe I’m not so alone.” As her mental health deteriorated, she was hospitalized, where she died. Everything is still as it was when a family lived there.

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The exterior

Urban explorers in France are familiar with this specific house. This has been going on for a long time. This location was recommended to me by a French adventurer who also happens to be a friend. I usually discover abandoned houses by driving around particular neighborhoods or utilizing Google maps.

The dining room, covered with thoughts and poems

The woman who survived the disaster lived in the enormous estate for years, her mental condition deteriorating until she was hospitalized and died. She painted poetry and ideas on the house walls to help her cope with her loss. If you look closely, you may read some of these poetry in this image.

“Here, I don’t feel loneliness: who knows?” says the rear wall in blue on the left (most likely her own words). Maybe I’m not so alone.”

Green back wall center: “To gregarious travelling, I prefer my familiar backyard.. (with or without sunscreen). It’s a question of personality, as La Bruyére would say.”

Upper left wall: “On the repainted walls; On the bright trees; “I write your name on my intense 50 years.” -Laferté

“God helps those who rise early,” it says in green behind the green chair.

“You have to believe, of course, believe in yourself,” Françoise Giroud writes in red.

An upstairs bedroom

An abandoned bedroom inside of the home. This was probably the children’s room.

Family clothing

An upstairs bedroom

Inside the home, an abandoned bedroom. This was probably the children’s room. The terrible tale of this property was revealed to me by the individual who toured me around. I think that was also covered in the news at the time. It was both creepy and heartbreaking to shoot, especially seeing children’s possessions and images of them.

Dining room walls

The secret bed behind the dining room walls

I enjoy how each shot may convey a narrative on its own, but reading a sequence of pictures is almost like reading a book. I adore the mystery and having people wonder what is in a certain shot. If they are thinking about a picture, they will likely are that they will recall it in the future.

The woman’s bedroom

What remains in a woman’s bedroom after her whole family was killed in a car accident.

Beside objects

The children

Upstairs bedroom

The woman’s bathroom

The living room

Inside a bedroom

Family clothes

A dresser top

An old photo

The kitchen

Pots on the wall

A downstairs window

The first things I started photographing were abandoned areas and models for fashion magazines. Photographing models in abandoned locations, in particular. I still prefer to shoot people over structures.

Following the popularity of American Decay, I am presently working on a photography book of abandoned sites in Europe. So there will be many more abandoned sites with various stories to tell. I’m excited to share those as well!

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