A 17th century Abandoned Camelot Castle owned by a notorious womanizer!

In the middle of Belgium stood a magnificent castle that had been constructed in 1633 by an aristocratic family that had a significant impact on the development of the region. Yet, over the course of its history, the castle was owned by a number of different families before being acquired in the 19th century by the powerful British Atkins family, who were well-known for their achievements in the antiques and art trade.

The Atkins family had ambitious goals for the castle, one of which was to establish a foothold in Belgium and grow their business there. Both Christoph Atkins and his sister Marie-Noel spent their formative years within these walls, amidst the splendor that their family’s money and achievement bestowed upon them.

But as time passed, their paths diverged. Marie-Noel graduated from university and desired for a different life, so she travelled to Israel to further her studies of law. In the meantime, Christoph took over the family firm and continued his father’s work in new and extended ways. He had a voracious desire for adventure and was known to have a plethora of lovers. He was a man of diverse interests and pleasures.

He lived an extravagant life, traveling all over the world for business and enjoying every moment of his life to the utmost. The sounds of the Atkins family’s bustling lives could be heard throughout the castle for a good number of years. But suddenly, in 2017, the castle became silent. The property was deserted and exposed to the elements, and the community was left wondering what had become of the once-prominent Atkins family. It is currently unknown where Christoph and Marie-Noel are, and the deserted castle is believed to harbor a great deal of hidden information.

The secrets of this long-lost location have not been unearthed, and the history of the people who previously made it their home is just as dramatic and captivating as it was back then. What really took place with the Atkins family? What hidden treasures can be found within the walls of the castle? These questions have not been resolved, and as a result, the castle continues to serve as a spooky reminder of a bygone period.

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