10 Castles You Might Not Expect To Find Hiding In The U.S.

We don’t need the historical gravitas that is so prevalent over the water, even though the United States may not have it. Because we possess something superior: classic American inventiveness and imagination. We’ll see your stone strongholds and medieval castles in Europe, and we’ll erect your vast American chateaus with drawbridges, turrets, moats, and yes, even a fire-breathing dragon.

Amazing American castles are accessible to the public around the nation; some are hidden away in unlikely locations, while others are hiding in plain sight. These 23 castles are hidden throughout the United States that you would not have imagined, but you’ll be ecstatic to see!

Historic Castles in the US

Even if the US doesn’t have the same historical influence as our European allies, history is nevertheless a significant aspect of the American narrative. These days, you may visit old castles in the US that have enthralling tales to tell—true, blue American fairy tales.

1. Montezuma Castle – Arizona

Montezuma Castle National Monument, Montezuma Castle Rd, Camp Verde, AZ, USA

There’s this amazing desert castle in Arizona that’s practically carved out of the ground. This 20-room castle was constructed on a cliff face in what is now Camp Verde, Arizona, by the Sinagua people thousands of years ago.

Preserving Native American culture, this natural monument was created in 1906 and is one of the best-preserved cliff homes in all of North America. It was the third of its kind. Although it is not permitted for tourists to enter Montezuma Castle due to its extreme fragility, the views from below this historic home are breathtaking.

2. Curwood Castle – Owosso, Michigan

Owosso Curwood Castle, 224 Curwood Castle Dr, Owosso, MI 48867, USA

Nestled in the heart of Owosso, Curwood Castle is a magnificent find that is easily overlooked. Author James Oliver Curwood, a native of Owosso and the author of books like “The Grizzly King” and “The River’s End,” built the castle in 1922 next to his house on the banks of the Shiawassee River.

It was designed to resemble a chateau in Normandy, France. The Michigan castle remains accessible to the public today and is surely a source of inspiration for romantics, artists, and authors.

3. Smithsonian Castle – Washington, D.C.

Smithsonian Castle, 1000 Jefferson Dr SW, Washington, DC 20560, USA

The Smithsonian Institute, named after the organization, is a contemporary American castle and a national treasure. This crimson, Norman-style castle lies at the National Mall’s center in Washington, D.C., and sticks out among the grey monoliths and presidential monuments that surround it. Originally constructed in 1855 out of red sandstone, it housed Joseph Henry, the first Smithsonian Secretary, as his residence and office.

Currently serving as the Smithsonian Institute’s visitor center, its distinctiveness and rich history have elevated it to a legendary status in the nation’s capital.

4. Belvedere Castle – New York City, New York

Belvedere Castle, New York, NY 10024, USA

Although you wouldn’t think to find a castle in the center of one of the biggest cities in the world, New York City is home to a secret castle that is the most amazing little mistake. Perched on Vista Rock, the second-highest natural point in Central Park, is a miniature castle that is one of the park’s most recognizable features: Belvedere Castle.

“The Belvedere,” which translates to “beautiful view” in Italian, was the name given to the building and its surrounding terraces and pavilions when it was constructed in the mid-1800s by architect Jacob Wrey Mould and co-designer of Central Park Calvert Vaux. Belvedere Castle was intended to be a location to take in views of the surrounding countryside and skyline, and that is still the case today, having been completed in 1872.

5. Fonthill Castle – Pennsylvania

Fonthill Castle, 525 E Court St, Doylestown, PA 18901, USA

The historic castle known as Fonthill Castle in Pennsylvania was formerly the residence of Henry Chapman Mercer, an archaeologist, collector of artifacts, and tile manufacturer. Between 1908 and 1912, he constructed this castle in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Fonthill Castle reflects Gothic, Byzantine, and Medieval architectural styles, giving it the appearance of being in a picturesque European landscape.

Visitors can now explore the grounds and discover more about the life and legacy of this American thinker by taking a tour of the Mercer Museum, which is located nearby.

Castles You Can Stay In

Do you have visions of a royal vacation in the US? Reserve a couple of nights at one of these castles for your visit, and prepare to rule your own kingdom!

6. Kentucky Castle – Versailles, Kentucky

The Kentucky Castle, 230 Pisgah Pike, Versailles, KY 40383, USA

Perched on a hill in Versailles, deep within Kentucky, sits a stately castle with sweeping views of a pastoral realm of undulating hills. The Kentucky Castle, set in the picturesque blue hills of Kentucky, is an amazing destination unto itself. It’s a site of pure celebration. This magnificent estate is incredibly unique and features an award-winning farm-to-table restaurant, opulent lodging, and a highly regarded spa.

7. Thornewood Castle – Washington

Thornewood Castle, 8601 N Thorne Ln SW, Lakewood, WA 98498, USA

Sitting on the banks of American Lake in Washington, Thornewood Castle—also referred to as “the house that love built”—is breathtaking. Mr. Chester Thorne, one of the Port of Tacoma’s founders, is where the story of Thornewood starts. After purchasing the 400-year-old Elizabethan manor in England, Chester had it disassembled and transported to Lakewood, brick by brick, so that it could be used to construct Thornewood. It took three years for Chester to build the castle and gardens as a gift for his wife, Anna Thorne.

This charming castle has breathtakingly gorgeous grounds that will leave you speechless. Fortunately, you may experience the enchantment of this castle when you reserve an overnight stay. It is undoubtedly one of the most romantic works of love in existence.

8. Falkenstein Castle – Texas

Falkenstein Castle Way, Cypress, TX 77433, USA

There’s a spot deep in the heart of Texas that defies every preconception associated with the Lone Star State—well, save from the adage that “everything’s bigger in Texas.” A couple’s 1996 construction of Falkenstein Castle was motivated by their recent travels to Germany. Claimed as “A Texas-Sized Fairy Tale in the Hill Country,” the castle is a fantasy land spanning 14,000 square feet with numerous balconies offering views of the Texas Hill Country for visitors to enjoy.

If you think that fairy tales have happy endings, you may even tie the knot at Falkenstein Castle, a 133-acre kingdom with opulent lodgings and its own cathedral.

9. Landoll’s Mohican Castle – Ohio

Landoll’s Mohican Castle – Luxury Hotel in Central Ohio, 561 Township Road 3352, Loudonville, OH 44842, USA

Nestled in the midst of central Ohio, Landoll’s Mohican Castle is an extraordinary and unanticipated haven of luxury. As its name implies, local businessman Jim Landoll created this unique location with the intention of imitating the splendor of European castles. It was first accessible to the public in 2002 and is characterized by a plethora of pointed turrets and spires, as well as incredibly enchanted luxuriant flora.

10. The Norumbega Inn – Maine

The Norumbega, 63 High St, Camden, ME 04843, USA

Maine is already a location out of a fairy tale, with its untamed beauty and historic buildings. And because The Norumbega Inn is a grand and magnificent stone house that is best described as a real-life castle, it perfectly complements the ambiance of Maine. Constructed in 1886 for Joseph Barker Stearns, the inventor of the duplex telegraph, it was a private residence for approximately a century until turning into a bed and breakfast in 1984.

It was purchased by Susan Walser and Phillip Crispo in 2013, and since then, they have worked to make it the enchanted place it is today. Spend the night in this charming castle in Maine, where you’ll eat like royalty and take in views of Penobscot Bay that rival those of a kingdom from your cozy room by the fireplace.

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